Someone holding a Comfort Control Clock Someone holding a Comfort Control Clock
U.S. PATENT 11,382,837

Help your patients keep track of alternating medications…

A growing number of clinicians are recommending the evidence-based practice of alternating acetaminophen and ibuprofen every 3 hours to achieve optimal pain control without the use of narcotics.

But many patients have trouble tracking which medication they took most recently and which is due next, elevating the risk of taking the same medication twice or more in a row. The Comfort Control Clock™ is a simple, economical device that makes it easy for patients to keep track of alternating medications.

Increase patient safety and reduce confusion

In contrast to phone apps, the Comfort Control Clock™ is deliberately designed as a universally-accessible tangible device that can be quickly referenced and kept together with the relevant containers of medication.

Four clock hands rotate as a unit, so they always point 3 hours apart. Alternating colors and labeling indicate which medicines should be taken at which times. The hands can be adjusted if doses are taken late or missed.

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Reduce education time and improve patient compliance

Eduction Time Down
Patient Compliance Up

If you’re a clinician, productivity matters. It takes valuable time to explain complicated written logs or set up mobile apps on patient devices. The Comfort Control Clock™ shortens the time required to teach patients how to alternate medications and makes it simpler for them to follow your instructions.

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Personalize the Comfort Control Clock™ for your organization

Create your own design
Sample Comfort Control Clock design 1
Sample Comfort Control Clock design 1
Sample Comfort Control Clock design 1
Customization Options:
  • Embed your logo and contact information
  • Use standard Acetaminophen/Ibuprofen labels or customize

Preview and approve your design prior to ordering.

Custom designs available - contact us.

Standard Product Features:
  • Compact 5 ¼” square
  • Durable cover stock
  • Writable Surface
Backside of Comfort Control Clock
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Help your patients control pain effectively without opioids